Cardomom Tumeric Latte

Nourishing and sunny sustenance for a cold day!

This morning the sun’s glow is reflecting off the soft newly fallen snow, pillowed over sleeping gardens, a dorment firepit, and carelessly forgotten children’s wagons and bigwheels in our yard.

The perfect moment for a stunning cup of coffee~

I love coffee!! Love it. But it can be taxing on the body, sometimes taking more than it imparts (except for that brilliant ritualistic satisfaction). I know thyself enough to know I won’t part ways with this love, I have indeed accepted both it’s lovely and flawed qualities into my life. But I have found that I can encourage coffee to be at it finest with a little help from ayurveda’s spice repertoire.

Aromatic spendor!

A recipe from the deviant cafe: Cardomom Tumeric Latte-

This is the simple do-at-home version utilizing dried spices.

2-3 shots espresso or equal amount of cold press concentrate. *One cup of a serious French press coffee works well too.

1/2 cup milk of your choosing steamed (with espresso maker or hand held foamer) along with the following:

1/2 tsp ground tumeric

1/2 tsp ground Cardomom

A pinch or two dashes black pepper

1 tsp honey or raw sugar

Optional- a little fresh zest of orange. It’s citrus season, and zest lifts up this nourishing beverage and adds a kick of sunshine and bioflavonoids!

As for variations to this latte deviation, I encourage anyone to make it their own.

Cardomom simple syrup made with Cardomom pods ground fresh instead of the dried ground Cardomom is another great variation. This also replaces the need for honey/raw sugar as the simple syrup provides the sweetening.


Also, thank you to Kaldi’s coffee in my hometown of St. Louis for the pleasure of many Turkish Lattes last time I was down that way. After that I could no longer settle for a dash of Cardomom only! You inspired this cafe deviation.